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About Opis Fund Services

Opis Fund Services, LLC provides professional services to over 60 hedge funds and investment managers. These funds range in size from under $1 million to over $300 million in net assets and are located throughout the United States and various offshore jurisdictions. These funds include single and multiple trader arrangements as well as complex capital structures including master-feeder funds and fund-of-fund entities.

Like any organization, the secret to our success is our people. We hire good people and give them a good place to work. Our secret to keeping them around is a positive culture, strong community involvement, and a dedication to constantly increasing our competencies.

We make an effort to be there for every client and to make a personal connection. By really getting to know you and your business, we can put our expertise to use in helping you achieve your goals.

Meet our Founder, Judd Vollbrecht, CPA.